Our team synergy of expertise, experience, collaboration and passion for execution makes all the difference.

Vijay is the Founder Director of Performance-n-Purpose Consulting.

An XLRI alumnus and a certified executive coach, Vijay has a 'Business First' mindset with over 30 years of experience in Sales, Management, & Human Resources Consulting: advising, coaching and co-creating powerful transformation strategies at individual, team and organisation levels.

A 'Dreamer' and a 'Doer', he is passionate about partnering with CXOs and HR leadership to drive purpose, performance and culture to create a workforce for tomorrow through effective organisation development tools and initiatives. He brings to bear his capabilities of Design Thinking, Customer Insights and People & Process expertise to make transformation 'REAL' in the context of markets, customers and their aspirations. He brings a deep sense of ownership to work so much so that the quality of his teamwork matters to him personally.

Prior to his current role of an entrepreneur, he has held several leadership roles in Diners Club, APTECH, Microland, Adecco India, and Dale Carnegie Training.

Vijay looks forward to an exciting journey with his team and partners to help organizations enhance their business outcomes by maximizing their people potential and process alignment.