Leadership Transformation

82% of the leadership team will require re-skilling - L&D Trends Study 2017 by People Matters and BITS Pilani
Performance-n-Purpose (PnP) Consulting

Unleash your leadership potential by knowledge, performance and impact

Performance-n-Purpose Consulting helps develop your leaders in depth and breadth based on few proven principles for effective adoption and practice.

  • Leaders must reflect and be open to commit for a sustainable change
  • Leaders need a business context to anchor their learning journey with clear focus on pre-set success measures.

Our mission is to develop high quality leaders across organisations at every level to successfully transition or transform for maximum business impact. Custom solutions are designed and crafted through a collaborative process to best meet your organisation needs.

Our leadership development prepares for 2 goals;

  • Transformational – Leaders who 'define' and 'direct' strategic business goals
  • Transitional – Leaders who 'develop' and 'deliver' the business goals.
Performance-n-Purpose (PnP) Consulting

For senior executive leaders, with high level of potential. the intervention is six months or more long. Armed with proven tools, frameworks and coaching, leaders take on a business improvement project (BIP) to report business success and a corresponding ROI. The development journey comprises of; Competency Assessment, Coaching Sessions, BIP Journey and BIP Success Presentation to key stakeholders.

For first-level and mid-level leaders, we carefully identify skills and behaviour gaps to tailor custom programs for emerging leaders with little or no prior formal leadership development background.

Our breakthrough learning approach includes – World-class Coaches and Facilitators, Innovative and Engaging Frameworks, Use of Relevant IP & Research, Strong Measurement & Analytics, Real-world Application Methods and Shared Risk Model on Guaranteed ROI.

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