Employer Brand Management

A strong talent brand reduces cost per hire by up to 50% and lowers turnover rates by 28%. 1 The bottom line impact is real. - LinkedIn

Employer Brand builds more Enterprise Value.

Performance-n-Purpose (PnP

War for talent is over. Talent won. 86% of the leaders acknowledge that Employer Brand has a significant impact on the ability to attract, retain and engage with the talent you need to succeed.– Gallup

Why this sudden sweeping shift of power into the hands of employees? Moving on, old reality versus new reality, it is an era where employees will not only have 'voice', 'choice' but more 'power'.

People who like their jobs they do and the place they work become advocates for it.

Competing for talent in the digital ecosystem will happen through enhanced brand awareness, reputation and company performance. Engaged employees look for a clear career path, the team that they are part of and a sense of purpose in their work.

Performance-n-Purpose Consulting supports you to re-imagine and craft your employer brand strategy through EVP development, alignment and communication for ongoing brand management and measurement.

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