Who are India’s most attractive employers in 2019?

As the workforce in India becomes a fine mix of millennials and baby boomers, companies in 2019 have to device interactive and attractive ways to keep multigenerational employees happy. In a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, the companies that provide casual work culture, fair wages, and job security are the ones that are preferred by applicants. 

A smart employer brand strategy has always been at the heart of attracting valuable and talented workforce. These companies leverage their Employee Value Propositions (EVP) to reward experienced employees and offer a consistent platform for improved employer brand communication. 

2019 has been a year of paradigm shifts with some new companies making the list and topping it! IT giants like Tata Consultancy Services and IBM are an indication of how companies are changing their job and recruitment landscape to complement the current business environment. 

The survey also revealed that candidates look for salary and employee benefits, work-life balance, job security, strong management, and career progression, as the most important factors when choosing an employer. These are the primary factors that were taken into consideration when deciding the best employers. 

That being said, let us look at the top three employers in India to work for in 2019. 

Flipkart (Walmart)

This homegrown e-commerce website was founded in 2006 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal who learnt their tricks of the trade from their former employer, Amazon. In the last ten years, the company has gained traction as not only the largest online retailer for its consumers but also one of the leading employers in India. The company’s continued growth can be attributed to its employees who brought Flipkart from its second position last year to the top spot. So what does Flipkart do for its employees that sets them apart?

The leading e-commerce service provider worked intensively to develop benefits program and ensured that these benefits were meaningful for their workers. Unique features of their employee benefit program includes flexible leave and work-hour policy, legal support and financial assistance for adoption services, tenured and full time employees can take up to six months of sabbatical, maternity benefits and lots more. It is the unique work-life balance maintained by the company for its people that kept them content at work and outside of it! 

Amazon India

This US-based e-commerce leader continues to hold a strong foothold in the Indian market despite complex FDI policies. The company has worked aggressively to promote its private label and flushed money in its retail divisions to setup 100 kiosks in Indian malls. Even though the company is growing at a manic pace, Amazon has managed to take its employees with it to become the second best employer in India, according to a LinkedIn survey.  

With the objective of making Amazon India the most desirable company in India, the company leveraged employee ambassadors to ensure that right perception reaches its stakeholders. Amazon even went so far as to customize its Employee Value Proposition to suit the Indian market while maintaining their brand consistency. 

Amazon India offers not just handsome salary packages to its employees but also employee benefits like its stocks and equity shares, paternity and maternity leaves, health insurance, paid vacations etc. that makes it one of the most sought after companies to work for. 


OYO has been rising progressively since the start of 2019. This hospitality major is not only expanding in India but also outside of it. From partnering with Airbnb to launching coworking spaces, OYO is investing audaciously in its expansion strategies. It was only a matter of time when OYO became the leading hospitality chain in India. Its rapid growth has not only been noticed by its investors but also its employees who vouch for its corporate culture and quality of work environment. 

OYO is known for its top-down culture that has worked well for the company so far. The employees enjoy the stimulating challenges that helps them grow personally as well as professionally. They participate in different projects and get full support from senior management to learn and perform in new roles. While most startups struggle to retain top talent, OYO has managed to secure the third spot in LinkedIn’s best employer list. The sense of ownership amongst its employees makes the company’s success everyone’s success story. Other than offering huge salary packages and stock options, OYO gave its talented workforce a conducive work environment that is geared for growth. Work-life balance is consistently maintained throughout the organization to prevent burnout situation. 

India’s multigenerational workforce can be treated as a challenge or considered as an opportunity that can bring the best of both worlds – balanced experience of its tenured employees and youthful brightness of its millennials. Using the winning combination of work-life balance and job security, these companies have not only attracted new talent from the market but also retained their existing one to create a thriving ecosystem that is growing exponentially. 

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