Which employers do the LGBTQ community want to work for?

The new generation that makes up the current workforce is more inclusive and expects more fairness than their predecessors. Other than opening up to the idea of diversity in hiring practices, there are also non-discrimination policies and inclusive benefits that employers are using to recruit the best talent from the talent pool in general while making sure that the LGBTQ community doesn’t get left out.

Businesses these days participate in recruiting events exclusively for the community that draws top industry skill in a setting that provides them with an opportunity to engage with employers that are visibly interested in hiring LGBTQ professionals.  In today’s changing landscape, having LGBTQ-friendly policies will not only attract talented workforce but also retain the larger workforce. In fact, an inclusive work culture makes you more appealing as an employer over your competitor. 

Having said that, here are some companies that the LGBTQ community prefers to work for. 


Google is a leading business name and an employer. The company works closely with LGBTQ organizations to protect their employees against all kinds of discrimination. The tech-giant has worked inclusion in its marketing and employer branding strategy to attract worthy talent to their organization. 

Google is celebrating Pride this month by using hashtag #ThisIsFamily where its LGBTQ+ employees shared their family stories on the company’s social media channels. Not only is it a workplace for everyone, the company has pledged to donate as much as $100,000 to support LGBTQ+ initiatives. 

Most importantly, Google also helps other companies list their businesses as “LGBTQ+ friendly” in their products such as the maps, Google Search etc. According to its employees, Google is a pay master that offers a friendly culture, intelligent smart.


This Indian IT giant has been amongst the few companies in India that has worked hard to create an environment for its employees that is safe, inclusive, equal. They also created an employee resource group called “Infosys Gays Lesbian and You” (IGLU) to bring all the LGBTQ employees together. The focus of this group is to promote open dialogue regarding policy changes that are required to help the community make their workplace better and more all-encompassing. They also host workshops to create awareness about LGBTQ and to encourage a culture of respect within the organization. 

What’s more? To make the LGBTQ candidates feel welcomed, the company has removed the gender column altogether. 


Uber is a leading transportation company that provides can services via a mobile app to connect passengers with drivers. As a provider of equal work opportunity for all, Uber supports LGBTQ+ community with the help of its employee resource group called UberPride. The company takes immense pride in retaining and recruiting top market talent and offering them a diverse environment that supports LGBTQ+ community outreach. The company also works towards providing training and workshop to LGBTQ+ employees to retain them in the company and make them more visible. 

Uber has, in fact, been named one of the best companies to work for LGBTQ equality. Thanks to UberPride, the company has built a robust and diverse workplace that gives everyone equal opportunities regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. They also work actively promote the rights of the community in the city they operate. 

Employees at Uber love the inclusive work culture and especially enjoy working with a passionate workforce that is always prepared to change the world. 


Apple is a name for quality and innovation. It is a leading employer not only because of its brand image but also openness work with diverse workforce. The company supports LGBTQ equality and constantly works towards hiring a diverse workforce. The company has been rated as one of the best places to work for the last 15 years due to its employee-friendly policies. The Cupertino-based giant uses its brand power to advocate for LGBTQ rights around the world. 

Employees who work at Apple call the organization cool and super fun. The work environment at Apple is not only diverse but also enthusiastic, not to mention the great benefits offered to all its employees that helps them retain top talent across all communities. 

Did you know that LGBTQ friendly policies in your company is not only the right thing to do but also good for the business? According to a report by US Chamber of Commerce Foundation called Business Success and Growth Through LGBT-Inclusive Culture, companies that are LGBTQ friendly attract better candidates and reduced employee turnover. The report also revealed that the public-listed companies that support the community has experienced a stock price rise by more than 6.5%. 

However, just calling yourself an LGBTQ-friendly company alone does not make the cut. What these companies did differently was apart from drafting inclusive policies, they also created an environment that was based on equality. These business leaders designed a conducive environment for inclusiveness that promotes conversations around the betterment and inclusivity of LGBTQ. 

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