How can Learning & Development be a definite advantage to your Employer Brand?

What could be common between the aerospace giant Airbus and the 200-year-old Citi group? Nothing, it might seem on the surface but a look at the L&D culture would show that both these giants have hugely committed themselves to developing the competencies of their employees to meet any current and future needs. This in turn also gained them a reputation as an employer brand which makes the best want to work for them.

Turning their attention to the internal brand aka the employee brand has become a must for organisations the world over. Gone are the days of treating only the customer as the king. Companies and organisations, big and small, understand the importance of focusing on improving their employer brand- how they are perceived by current employees, future and passive candidates. The employer brand, they recognise, is how people will see them as a great place where they want to work at.

Given that 55 per cent of job seekers are looking for opportunities in growth and development, among the many things that you can do to build and improve your employer brand is an emphasis on learning and development as a core value and part of the company culture is sure to win brownie points with the right audience. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways in which L&D contributes to your employer brand:

  1. Statistically employees that receive regular training are more likely to have a positive outlook. So, when they go to a site like Glassdoor they will be able to post their recommendation in that light. Thus, these employee testimonials praising your commitment to L&D will look very attractive to any prospective employee on the lookout for a job with you.  
  2. Ongoing education is crucial for retaining employees because it helps improve employee engagement which is a fairly used measuring tool for employee happiness. You would be surprised that in America alone this figure stands at a meagre 33 per cent, meaning that roughly 66 per cent of the workforce feels disengaged. By providing opportunities to learn and develop their skill set you are doing your brand a favour and gaining happy, engaged and skilled employees who are invested in your company’s vision.
  3. Research from Universum and DHI group found that 68 per cent of the world’s most attractive employees already have an employer branding strategy in place and their EVP is linked to their talent development strategy. Glassdoor reports that 60 per cent candidates consider any job offer holistically i.e. beyond just compensation and job title. Therefore, providing L&D opportunities can be a key competitive advantage over your competition in these times of war for talent.