Job Descriptions- A chance to BRAND your company culture

A job description is a general, written statement that broadly describes duties, responsibilities, scope and working conditions of a job along with giving the job’s title and designation. From an employee’s perspective job description is important to help him/ her understand the company’s expectations from them. From an employer’s perspective, a well-thought out and nicely executed job description can help attract the right kind of candidates and can be an important tool in the war for talent.

Jump right in to know why showcasing your company culture in a job description is important and how you can do it.

Did you know that 41 per cent candidates are less likely to apply to an employer that does not showcase their company culture or post regular company updates? Your company culture is like the personality of your business, defining it will help you attract the right kind of talent which will in turn help you save big bucks in the long run. Another reason that you should consider for showing your company culture via the job descriptions is that 67 per cent of the candidates believe that it is important to work with an employer with a matching set of values. So, you see how using a job description to showcase your company culture is a very smart move.

Let us now talk about how you can do that.

Experts say that you should use the company’s mission statement to reflect what the organization’s culture is and how they conduct their business. This they say reinforces what’s expected when it comes to judging what is culturally fit for the company. Beyond the mission statement, let the candidates know what other traits are appreciated in your company.

LinkedIn says that this can be a tricky territory. You need to carefully choose a tone to reflect your company’s culture in the job description. Though they do warn that even if the company culture might be casual, the emphasis should be on balancing the job description that sound fun yet not unprofessional.