3 ways in which Employer Branding is a crossover between Marketing and HR

Research shows that the top 10 per cent of employable workforce are snatched away from the marketplace within 10 days. If you are an employer and are looking for the right kind of talent for your company then you need to up your recruitment and retention game.

Don’t look distressed if this is news to you because the solution to this query is something that combines the best of both worlds- Marketing and Human Resources or HR. This is the magical world of employer branding.

Read on to find the 3 ways in which Employer Branding is a crossover between marketing and HR and combines the best of the two worlds to help your company grow:

  1. EMPLOYER BRANDING focuses on creating a lasting brand image: Marketing guys have always known that “customer is king”. HR has also realized that retention is less costlier than hiring new people. Companies with a strong sense of EMPLOYER BRANDING, invest in their recruitment process and ensure that an interview is a complete brand experience for the job seeker. This image is also an impression that the customer carries in their head and heart. You must have seen the images of Google’s campus style work-space. Without saying much else, the company promotes, ‘work hard, play harder’, and becomes an aspirational work place for millions around the globe.
  2. EMPLOYER BRANDING focuses on attracting talent and customers: Southwest Airlines is probably the best example to make this point. Their career page starts with explaining that they care for their employees just like they do for their customers. It also tells you the company’s vision and purpose which is to become the most loved, most flown and most profitable airline. The benefit of having an EMPLOYER BRANDING strategy in place is that it works both ways- in attracting talent as well as ensuring that the customer sticks to your brand- by knowing what the company means and stands for.
  3. EMPLOYER BRANDING focuses on social media “greatly”-  Lulu lemon Athletica is a company that has through various efforts via social media made itself known as a desirable place of work. Hashtags like #ThisisLululife and #thesweatlife tell a story of happy employees and customers. EMPLOYER BRANDING realizes the importance of using social media judiciously for company’s growth and includes testimonials from current employees among other thing.

4 Must Do Things to make Employer Branding work for you

Employer branding is an emerging topic that has been gaining greater importance with every passing day. If you are already aware of how your company and business stand to gain from this, well, give yourself a pat on the back.

If you are gearing up for Employer Branding then here are the top 4 things that you must do:

Use technology to your advantage: How, you may ask. Just take a look at this- about 89 per cent of job seekers use mobile as a primary tool for job hunting. But how many businesses do you think have invested in making their career-sites mobile friendly? Just 60 per cent. Now if that is not an opportunity then you tell us what is.

Use your current employees: Employer branding stands to benefit from the happy stories of your current staff, so use them. Job seekers use social media as a primary tool for job search and check company profiles. You can use this platform to tell engaging stories from your staff about job satisfaction and life-work balance, among other things to let prospective employees know what they can expect if they choose to work with you.

Another tip, use your employees’ photos rather than stock images or using models for your ad campaigns as well.

Focus on maximizing candidate experience: About 80 per cent of the people in a study agreed that they would take up a job over another based on the personal relationship formed during the interview process. From this you can easily understand how important is the applicant experience part of the Employer Brand journey. Therefore, you need to make it seamless and more enriching for the candidate.

Align your values with company’s working: According to Recruiting Daily, over 14 per cent of candidates have expressed that they were influenced to a great extent by what they could perceive as a company’s values and mores rather than awards like Best Place to Work. You can choose to base your social media campaign or your ad campaigns on the values that the company stands and strives for sharing a brand image consistently.

Are you still waiting to be convinced that Employer Brand needs to be your game now?